Dear mother earth

Dear mother earth

I’m going to look after the earth by planting trees and not cutting them down.  I will pick up rubbish and put it in the bin so animals don’t die. I will also ride to the shops so we don’t have to drive and pollute the air.

How can you help the earth?lorax-4430974_10151298410475363_337363685362_23108947_912394820_n

the car system

Have you ever wondered how the car system works.  It all starts with the key.  When you put the key in It sends a message to the battery.  This allows you to press down on the accelerator, which lets air into the cylinders, which transfers the piston down.  This then transfers the energy to the wheels.  


The main parts of the car are the wheels, steering wheel, engine and the battery.  Those are the four main parts of the car.  


The wheels help you move and make you roll down hills.  The steering wheel helps you turn and not crash the car.  The engine is the main part of the car.  It allows you to turn on the battery.  The battery allows you to press down on the accelerator.  


The car system helps you get from one place to another quickly.
By Will  

My incursion at the botanical garden

my incursion at the botanical gardens when we got to the botanical gardens we had a smoke ceremony we all had a leaf and we put it in the fire.   after that we made string in partners one person had to hold the string and one person made it.


Then we did a painting we had to make paint it wasn’t just there and we had to paint with  our fingers instead of paint brushes.




I really liked painting.

Wills incursion

At the incursion we met a girl that ran it her name was sally, she told us a lot about the digestive system. We did heaps of activities, the first one we did a game called  peristalsis. It was a group game,

[how to play] so you had a ping pong ball and a stocking. we had to push the ball through the stocking out the other end then we pass it on to the next person and so on. The first group to finish got a lolly.

After that we put a piece of bread in a bag and put a little bit of water in it but me and jason put a bit too much. It is like the bread is in the stomach.Then you had to mush it up it was disgusting!

At the end we got to touch a pig’s small intestine, pig’s stomach and a ox’s tongue stunk. My favorite bit was when we put the bread in the bag.

The Pig’s small intestine, pig’s stomach and a ox’s tongue stunk. My favorite bit was when we put the bread in the bag.